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Chi tiết sản phẩm:Cisco ASA 5500 Edition Bundle ASA5515-K9 ASA 5515-X with SW, 6GE Data, 1GE Mgmt, AC, 3DES/AES

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ASA5515-K9 Overview


Cisco ASA 5500-X Next-Generation Firewall ASA5515-K9 has similar situation to Cisco 5512-X that combine the most widely deployed stateful inspection firewall in the industry with a comprehensive suite of next-generation network security services-for comprehensive security without compromise. They are built on the same proven security platform to meet evolving security needs by providing among other things, innovative next-generation firewall services that make it possible to take advantage of new applications and devices without compromising security.

ASA5515-K9 overview

With up to 1.2 Gbps of firewall throughput, 250,000 concurrent firewall connections, 15,000 connections per second, and 6 integrated Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the ASA 5515-X are excellent choices for businesses requiring a high-performance, cost-effective, and extensible security solution with exceptional application visibility and control that can grow with their changing needs.






Management 0/0 interface

Indicates the Gigabit Ethernet interface that is restricted to management use only. Connect with an RJ-45 cable.


Power supply

Indicates the chassis power supply.


RJ-45 ports

Indicates the Gigabit Ethernet customer data interfaces.
The top row port numbers are (from left to right) 5, 3, 1.
The bottom row port numbers are (from left to right) 4, 2, 0.


USB Ports

Indicates the two USB standard ports.


Console port

Indicates the console port that directly connects a computer to the ASA.

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